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Zen - relief for tinnitus

Widex developed the Zen programs to help tinnitus sufferers relax and make tinnitus less noticeable.

Inspired by the relaxing effect of certain types of music, Widex developed the Zen programs. Zen is a unique music program available in some Widex hearing aids. Based on what is known as fractal technology, Zen plays random, chime-like tones that can be used for relaxation and for making tinnitus less noticeable.
Your hearing care professional can adjust each Zen program according to your preferences in terms of pitch, tempo and volume. Your hearing aid can also be provided with different programs to suit varying situations and purposes. Learn more about the Zen program and other programs available with Widex hearing aids
For some hearing aid users, the effect of using Zen is immediate, but for most it will take some time.

Listen to some of the Zen styles here:
Zen Aqua
Zen Coral
Zen Green
Zen Lavendar
Zen Sand

Zen simulator

Try the Widex Zen Simulator above. You can adjust volume, pitch and tempo to suit individual needs. For the best results, we highly recommend the use of headphones.

Please note that this is only a simulation of Zen. It does not deliver an accurate Zen sound experience. For this, Zen should be installed in a Widex hearing aid.

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